Best Anti Ageing Workout

Just the workout won’t help you, you need to change your lifestyle and the way you do things in general.

My grandmother is 93 years old but her actual age could be 98+. She doesn’t know her birth date and she is least bothered about her age. She doesn’t have any health problem except the gastric issue and my mom knows how to manage it. She doesn’t look 92 years old but somewhere around 75–80 years.

Some of her anti-ageing secrets are:

  1. She never worked out and she thinks exercise is for boys
  2. She doesn’t remember all of us but she will never miss her breakfast
  3. She is always on time. For instance breakfast at 7.30 am, mid-morning snack at 10 am and so on
  4. She doesn’t like junk food. If insisted she might take a tiny bite, and that’s all about it
  5. She doesn’t like cream biscuits
  6. She hates cold drink like Pepsi, coca-cola etc
  7. She drinks 1 glass of lukewarm water in the morning
  8. She is addicted to Betel Nut though
  9. She loves sweets (her favourite is rasogolla)
  10. She needs a little bit of rice, fish curry or pulses.
  11. She drinks a glass of water after every meal. You don’t have to tell her about it, she is doing it as part of her routine.
  12. She will take shower at 11.00 -11.30 am
  13. She will do prayer in the afternoon and in the evening for 5–10 mins
  14. She takes an afternoon nap for 30 mins
  15. She takes multivitamin
  16. Every evening she will go for a walk (around 30 brisk walk)
  17. She will go to bed by 10.30 or 11.00 pm (She is never late about this)
  18. She will wake up by 6.30 am without an alarm clock
  19. She likes gardening and prefers homegrown vegetables

She is my DIDIMAA. 🙂

It seems like a tough schedule to us, but she is doing this for ages and it feels very simple to her.

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