Is natural sugar like fruits bad for us

  • If we do workout too much, we’ll face health problems.
  • If we eat a lot, we’ll face health problems.
  • If we eat a lot of sugar, we’ll face health problems.
  • If we eat a lot of natural sugar, we’ll face health problems.

Too much of anything is bad for you and that’s how our body and biological systems are designed.

If we eat a lot of natural sugar in the form of fruit juices or fruits, we’ll inevitably face health problems.

Even though fruits are good for our body, how & how much we eat defines how it will be processed in our body.

When we eat a fruit, you not only absorb fructose (sugar) but fibre which signals our brain for satiety. Thus it’s difficult to eat more than 2 oranges in one sitting.

However, you can drink fruit juice from 4–5 oranges because the fibre gets destroyed and is the fruit is in liquid form. In this case, your body doesn’t get fibre and the liver is overwhelmed with fructose. The fructose is then converted into fat and your blood sugar level increases at the same time.

Below is a quick illustration of how high amount of fructose could lead to hypertension, fatty liver, diabetes and renal diseases.

If you do this for a long period of time, diabetes comes knocking at the door. This is one of the reasons why the doctor recommends eating fruit and not drinking fruit juice.

Yes, eating or drinking too much natural sugar could be bad for your body.

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