What do farmers eat? Why are they so strong?

My grandfather was a farmer, my uncle was a farmer, my cousin brother is a farmer and we still have 1 acre (approx) of farming land. My father didn’t like farming so he left the family at a young age and did some small odd jobs before getting into a government job (the 1980s).

One thing I can tell about farmers is that they work really hard, their day starts at 5.00 am and ends by 5.00 pm. If it’s winter the day starts at 6.00 am and ends at 5.00 pm.

  • They eat a lot of healthy food such as rice, bread, pulses, fish, milk, fresh vegetables, fruits and so on.
  • They don’t like junk foods.

There is no concept of organic because everything is organic and natural.

If its afternoon and they are hungry, they will grab a fruit from the nearby tree or walk a mile to pluck a fruit.

In any given day they walk for hours and 10,000 steps is a cakewalk for them. They would walk the entire day and not even complain that they did so much of walking.

They don’t eat beyond a point, they know resources are scare and they need to eat based on what their body needs. Overeating is not just seen.

They don’t like to waste foods, wasting food is considered a sin.

They need to plough, carry weights, carry cow dumps, manage water, manage livestock, manage food for cows, and so on.

Their physical activity is just high and that’s the reason why they have lower rates of cancer, chronic disease, cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes etc.

They do a lot of small and heavy lifting throughout the day. You will never see them not working as they are always engaged in some physical activity.

For them work is worship, and their work is linked with enormous physical activity.

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