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What Indian food habits did you practice to lose weight?

I understand weight loss is one of the hottest topics out there, but believe me Indian home-cooked meals are nutritious and healthy. There’s no doubt about the cuisines and how they are being prepared.

The problem is with the lifestyle and how much we eat on a daily basis. Keep a track of your calorie intake and how much is required based on your lifestyle. Weight loss is not the biggest huddle that cannot be managed.

Simple Poha

It’s a mighty beast, packed with calories, fibre and essential nutrients. Good as part of your breakfast along with boiled eggs or fruits.

Dalia Upma/Khichdi

No matter how you enjoy dalia, this is surely one of the best indian cereal out there. It is low in calories and high in fibre. It has very low glycemic index and is packed with protein.

Homemade Bread Omelette

Who doesn’t like bread omelette, I think it’s the favourite go-to-food for all adults and even elders love it once in a while. Just avoid eating bread omelette outside if you’re not sure about the oil/butter they use. And yea doesn’t add extra butter on top of it.


I don’t understand people treat the simple meal as the biggest culprit for weight gain. Roti-Dal-Sabji is one of the lean meal that you can have. Don’t get away from this and accept the benefits of it.


There is nothing wrong with Idli-chutney, and if you’re unwell try having this for breakfast for quick recovery. I know it doesn’t have protein (you protein lovers) but is good for intestinal health and overall well-being.

Quick Tip: Have a glass of water before every meal and you’ll invariably eat less.

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