What is a true test of strength at the gym?

Undoubtedly I will select these 5 exercises as a true test for strength.


A seemingly easy looking exercise that requires a massive amount of upper body and core strength. For some, it looks easy and they practice almost everyday but for others, it’s just impossible and they don’t practice. You need to practice this hard exercise. If you see someone doing 10 strict pull-ups with ease, you know he or she is strong.


With plank exercise, 60 seconds is enough to shake your body. Just the body weight, strict arms, shoulder stability, back and core strength is required to perform this exercise. If you see someone doing 90+ seconds planks, he or she is the one.

Bench Press

An exercise that requires speed and technique or you might hurt yourself. The bench press will test your upper body strength and coordination. It requires pectoral muscles, triceps and deltoid working in tandem. If you can bench press 1.2 – 1.5 times of your body weight, you are strong.


My personal favourite and something that I am trying to improve. If you love weights and want to test your strength, try this workout and go big. It is a powerful compound exercise that helps develop overall strength and muscle. Roughly speaking, you should try reaching 2 times of your body weight with the deadlift and you become gym god.


This workout can also be called as love or hate relationship. Either you’re in love with this exercise or trying to avoid it. I hated squats for years and now I am in love with this workout. Barbell squats definitely help you shape your leg muscles – quadriceps, and hamstrings. Squats and all variations are good for overall lower body muscle development and a great exercise for the whole body. Like the deadlift, the goal is to do 2 times of your body weight with barbell squats.


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