How to continue a healthy lifestyle?

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To live a healthy life is actually simple but hard to continue if the goal is short term based. For instance if one starts a fitness journey because he or she wants to lose 10 kgs then 90% of the chance it will not become a lifestyle.

Instead the goal should be to maintain a healthy weight based on your height, age and personal goals.

Some of the things one can do to head a healthy life are:

  1. Daily body movements in any form such as weight training, yoga, pilates, crossfit, HIIT, running, cycling, anything that you would enjoy.
  2. Eat vegetables and lean protein on a daily basis, not just carb and fats.
  3. Drink 2–3 liters of water everyday without failure.
  4. Meditation for 10 mins on a daily basis (if possible)
  5. Reduce the intake of highly processed foods and junk foods. Yes, once in a week is fine as long as you know that you’re indulging in high calorie food with less fibre and high fat/sodium.
  6. Sleep for 6–8 hours, some people can function with 5 hours of sleep but studies suggest that a good 6–8 hours seems to be a sweet spot for recovery.
  7. If you’re an animal lover, playing with pets is a good stress reliever
  8. Don’t compare your health progress with others but yourself. Many times we start comparing our lifestyle, achievements, wealth, health etc,. with others and get anxious/irritated. Stop the comparison and enjoy the progress you’re making.
  9. Eat and drink in moderation, always. Your body will tell you if you’re overindulging and its time to stop it.

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