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7 Best Exercises at home to lose weight

One of the most common exercises out there everyone recommends for losing weight at home is push-ups and that’s the most obvious one.

Although push-ups and pull-ups are my favourite bodyweight exercise, I will talk about other workouts that can help lose weight.

Please note that just the exercise won’t help you lose weight, but an overall lifestyle that supports your workout routine would eventually help you lose weight.


The best part about squat is that you don’t need any equipment to start this exercise. There are many advantages of this exercise but would you believe most of the guys ignore this workout. Try this workout at home and see the noticeable transformation in your glutes and hamstrings.


The one workout that destroys all living souls but one of the finest workout to build your quads. You can do front and reverse lunges to add some variation to your workout routine. Lunges is one the popular exercise recommended by almost 99.9% fitness trainers and coaches, for its ability to strengthen you back, glutes, and quads, while providing stability and improving your mobility.


Yes, the simple yet challenging workout for everyone. I think kids have a higher threshold when it comes to core strength and they are able to perform this workout with ease. If you’re interested in knowing how time doesn’t fly, try this workout and pray that why 60 seconds takes so much time.

Take the Stairs:

It’s not an exercise but you know its one of the best ways to burn calories, activate your glutes, hamstrings, and calve muscle. You burn more calories when taking stairs versus evening or morning walk.

Crab Walk:

This is an innovative workout and almost everyone enjoys doing this exercise at home. This workout targets almost all the major muscle groups and comes under full-body exercise. Carb walk can be done anywhere, even when you’re on a vacation. While the standard push-ups work on the upper body and squat targets the leg, the crab walk mixed the two exercise together to give a solid core workout.

Seated Reverse Fly

You can use a water bottle or textbook in place of dumbbells to perform this workout. This exercise works on the upper back and shoulder region and can be performed on an alternate day basis. A strong upper back helps balance your shoulder strength and protects you from shoulder injury which we generally see with people working out at the gym without proper instruction and plan.

Bicycle Crunches

Yes, I know having a flat stomach is the goal of almost everyone if not having 6-pack abs. Adding bicycle crunches to your home workout plan increases and enhances your core strength. This exercise works on your abdominal muscles and obliques, and since this workout requires constant movement its boosts your heart rate and burn more calories.

Hope this helps, if you need any support or have any question feel free to drop a message on Instagram or fill out the contact form.

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