Should you avoid dairy to get lean?

There is no golden rule that in order to get lean or shredded one needs to avoid dairy.

99.5% of the lean or shredded individuals are not vegans.

While it is also true that 99% of vegans are lean but that doesn’t imply that in order to get lean one needs to stop dairy and meat.

Vegans are lean because by choice they’ve removed the meat and dairy products from their diet which contains lots of carbs and fat. These macros are the ones that help you increase mass. I’m not getting into a vegan diet and nutrition discussion, as its a separate topic.

But coming back to the original question, one shouldn’t necessarily stop dairy or dairy products to get lean. Imagine one is not consuming dairy products but consuming junk & carbonated beverages, do you think he or she will get lean?

The answer is No.

Its’ the diet and exercise plan the one follows on a monthly basis that decides how the person would look like by end of the year.

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