Reasons why people discontinue going to the gym

I’ve answered many health and fitness-related questions on Quora & on my blog but I know my perspective towards “why people discontinue going to the gym” is going to be one-sided unless we’ve some actual open-ended responses from people.

I’m thankful to my followers on Instagram for answering the simple but important question of why people discontinue going to the gym.

Over the years if I have built something on social media is the loyalty of my followers. To be honest I don’t like the term “followers” if I have the option to recoin the term then it will be “supporters” or “advocates”.

There are many reasons why one could stop going to the gym, lets check out these responses from the Q&A session on Instagram.

Some of the responses that I’ve received on Instagram were not added to this blog post because either they were repeated or the answers were a bit harsh/negative in the tone.

I can understand and its one of the most common reason why people quit the gym after few months or they don’t find a compelling reason to continue.

I personally know someone who was bedridden for 6 months and lost the appetite for most of the simple things in life. He was very active in volleyball and cricket but after the injury, he decided to leave all sports and focus on his job and life.

Hmm. Yes, another reason why most of the gym-goers stop lifting weights.

While I totally understand that you need to keep yourself free and have a monthly allocated budget to take care of your health. I suggest you start making small changes in your expenses and if possible spend at least 30 minutes on weekdays and maybe 45 minutes on weekends on your health.

I understand it’s easy to write down what one needs to do then be in their shoes to make it happen.

But we need to try one more time and then one more time until we win.

Thank you so much for the sweet answer, but I know I’m not perfect and I live with my imperfections. Given an opportunity, I would love to share my learning and help as many people as possible.

Yes, there is a fundamental reason why we don’t give importance to health because we were not taught about this.

We ignored our health for years and what we eat never meant anything apart from filling the stomach and making it look nice for the picture.

Some of the gyms are getting closed due to restrictions and people are scared of going out. This is putting gyms at risk of closure and many jobs are lost due to this. I hope the the gym owners are able to sustain this business meltdown and get back to business as soon as possible.

As you can see the reasons why people stop going to the gym is endless and I’m 100% sure that there are many other reasons why people couldn’t continue with gym life.

If you’ve something to add, please let me know in the comment section and let’s make it the biggest list possible for reasons why people stop going to the gym. This will help understand the variations and would help experts find a solution to help you with health and well-being.

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