Best exercises to boost testosterone production?

There are $hit ton of supplement products available in the market that claims to boost your testosterone levels. People who fall under this marketing trap are newbies, teenagers, and clueless gym-goers.

The testosterone level varies from individual to individual. There is no doubt that testosterone production reduces as you age and is directly proportional to:

  1. Your lifestyle (includes your diet and physical activity)
  2. Your stress level
  3. Any underlying medical conditions such as obesity

There are so many studies suggesting that the natural way of boosting testosterone is via strength training and HIIT.

If anyone comes with a new product tomorrow, ask them questions like what’s the most natural way of boosting testosterone?

One needs to focus on good lifestyle which includes eating nutritious food, physical activity and avoiding junk foods. Give yourself adequate rest, 7–8 hours every day without fail and adhere to your sleep timings.

When it comes to physical activity:

  • Do strength training and focus on heavyweights. Be progressive as you lift weights
  • Don’t ignore form and technique in the name of lifting heavyweights. You may injure yourself. Be careful.
  • Focus on compound movements
  • Focus on strength training/HIIT 3–4 days a week for a minimum of 30–45 minutes
  • Take a max of 2 minutes break between sets

Point being, don’t get distracted by marketing messages of companies and focus on good lifestyle with strength training.

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