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Easy hacks to reduce tummy fat

A friend of mine is around 88 kgs and he approached me saying “Bro! Help me out, tell me how to reduce tummy”.

His next question was “Is there a way I can reduce my weight without doing exercise”?

He continued “I’ve tried keto and intermittent fasting, but it’s not helping any idea”?

Before I could say something, his next question was “Maybe I should drink green tea, I think it helps in fat burning is it true”?

I took a pause and was thinking how to respond because for anything I say he will double-check and he has access to the same information that I’ve.

If I say One whole egg has got 6g protein and 70 calories, this should be part of your breakfast along with seasonal fruit and 2 slices of multi-grain bread.

He would say but I think one whole egg has 5g protein and 60 calories. Plus I heard that egg yolk is not good for us. Maybe I should eat egg whites and what about protein shake. Can I take that instead of juice?

I tried giving him a direction but he didn’t take it because his mind is loaded with so much information that he is trying to make the best use of all data.

For us who are into a healthy lifestyle and not into fitness competition, our goal is to have a decent understanding of nutrition, workout, do’s and don’ts and discipline.

Information about nutrition, workout types, benefits and do’s don’ts are easily available. But discipline is nowhere available, it comes from inside.

It’s an unbreakable choice to have a discipline and dedication towards a healthy lifestyle. You can have 6 pack abs or flat stomach[1]but you need to have a healthy lifestyle first.

The only hack that I recommend when you want to lose weight or tummy is to understand your habit forming process and have discipline towards your goal.

With discipline and dedication, the flat tummy will definitely show up.

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