Which is the best time for gym?

Whatever works for you, my friend. I’ve worked out in different time slots, and I can surely say that what time you go to the gym has little to do with extra mileage.

When I started working out 6 years ago, my gym timing was 6.30 pm to 8.00 pm. At present, my gym timing is 8.00 am to 9.00 am. I change my gym time slot based on how busy the day/week will be.

There are days when I don’t go to the gym in the morning but I ensure I do a minimum of 5 days a week workout. There is no slack on the number of days per week, this is a must for me.

If you’re a morning person then go in the morning because you’ll have surplus energy and if you’re evening person then go in the evening as there is nothing bad about the evening.

The only bad thing would be missing the gym because you couldn’t decide if the morning is good or the evening is.

I can cook up some rationale behind why morning gym is better than evening gym, but what’s the point. Going to the gym with a workout plan, a mindset and a nutrition plan are far important than the gym timings.

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