The simple truth about exercise that most people ignore

We’re constantly looking for shortcuts and fastest way to achieve our dream physique. We even hold an opinion that with exercise one can become next Scarlett Johansson or Chris Evans.

Honestly, it’s just not about the exercise but a holistic approach towards a sustainable lifestyle that keeps you happy 24×7. It’s a mix of exercise, nutrition, sleep, metabolism, mindset, and relax: stress ratio that materializes your biological age growth.

A few weeks ago I wrote an answer on My Age is 25, but I look as if I am 40. What should I do? and What is the best anti-ageing workout? This should help if you’re interested in anti-ageing related topics.

It seems like the rules to understand exercise and nutrition are made complicated by us. We don’t have to become an expert in exercise and nutrition to be able to decide what’s good for us.

If we eat burger, fries, coke and pastries as dinner what do we expect? Is this sustainable in long run? If the answer is No, then we need to stop doing this.

Is drinking packaged juice, loaded with sugar, on a regular basis healthy? If we can’t read the ingredients label in the product are we doing justice to ourselves? If the answer is No, then we need to learn the basics.

Anything in excess is bad for you. Sugar is definitely bad for you (in excess).

When it comes to exercise learn the basics of workouts, the right technique and the variations. Don’t workout the same muscle group every single day. Increase the weights, or reps as you go along.

Don’t look for shortcuts try to build your core strength and follow a balanced diet. Understand what is your pain point, and work on it. Exercise is a mix of science, art and tenacity.

Fitness is within you!!

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