What if you don’t eat sugar for 8 weeks?

4 years without sugar and counting.

It’s not difficult, to be honest, and let me be clear when I say 4 years and counting is with regards to buying sugar and its derivatives from the supermarket.

A few months ago, one of the supermarkets gave me free 1 kg sugar packet as some offer was going on and I had to give it to my friend so she could use it in some sweet dish.

In the last 4 years, I have had sugar in the form of pastries, cake, and cookies but maybe 10–15 times if I’m not mistaken.

I can and I live without sugar for months.

Life without sugar is very energetic.

Forget about 8 weeks, limiting sugar from your diet has a lot of benefits:

  1. Would you believe, if I say your energy level is stable throughout the day?
  2. Your skin gets clearer and you look good in front of the mirror.
  3. You sleep much better, try living a life without sugar for a week and you’ll surely experience this.
  4. I keep on shuffling between bulking, cutting and maintenance phase. When you lead a lifestyle without sugar, weight loss or gain becomes easy.
  5. Your mood level is much stable and anxiety level drops significantly.
  6. Because of all these, you find the motivation to eat clean.

Avoid Sugar, it’s highly addictive and has got no nutritional value to offer you.

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