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Calories to burn per day to be very healthy

  1. You sleep for 30 minutes & you burn 19–28 calories
  2. You watch TV for 30 minutes & you burn 23–33 calories
  3. You play beach volleyball for 30 minutes & you burn 240–355 calories

Our advanced biological system is designed to convert, conserve and burn calories every second of our life.

What we think of calories for the body is pure energy. Our body can derive energy for fresh veggies, junk foods or healthy food. That explains how strong our system is but we take it for granted and ignore the simple principle of a healthy lifestyle.

  • If you want to lose weight, you should be in a calorie deficit and control your cravings.
  • If you want to gain weight, you should be in a calorie surplus and control your cravings.
  • Now, if you want to do weight maintenance you should follow a diet that works for you and is sustainable.

You can burn 800 calories in a day by working out, walking, taking your dog to park, playing with kids etc. But if you finish your day with calorie surplus instead of calorie deficit it will be difficult for you to lose weight.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle with no added sugar, moderate meal size, lots of water in a day, including fruits & veggies, lean protein, avoid junk foods and workout 4–5 days a week with an active lifestyle.

You’ll achieve what seems impossible.

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