If you can give me only one secret to improve myself, what would it be?


The concept of perseverance is nothing new. We understand perseverance at a very rudimentary definition level, yet many of us don’t persevere.

Here’s an example of how our mind protects us

“Time to give up mate, you ain’t a cult and this thing isn’t for you”.

We give up too early & easily because we don’t understand the concept of perseverance. Our mind is designed to protect us from everything and every situation. It requires a creative mindset to come up with the answers for all the set-backs, negativity, rejection and reasons why you’re not reaching your goal.

It requires a lot of practice. The beginning is awful for everybody. There’s no sense of absolute direction. But it’s the sheer willingness to persevere that makes the final difference.

In life, we need to make a choice. Either you give one more shot, or call it a day.

4 examples of people who have built perseverance after repeated failures:

  1. Someone scored 39% marks in mathematics in 10th standard is now a young scientist and pursuing PhD
  2. Someone who hated studying is now a trained medical doctor & treating patients in remote areas
  3. A backbencher was able to get in a top investing company as a lead analyst with a basic graduate degree, settled in silicon valley and earns more than college topper
  4. A NIFT graduate who started a food tech company is now employing more than 10 employees (in <1 year)

They have varied expectation from life but they made a decision of not giving up and to pursue their life goals.

Without revealing the details “one is my sister, one is my best friend, one is my good friend and one is a school friend”.

The fact that I know these people very closely, makes me happy. 🙂

What’s the common ingredient? Perseverance.

The two main ingredients for building perseverance

  1. Mindset
  2. Belief in yourself

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